Fitted T-shirts

Fitted T-shirts Fashion cut lighter weight t-shirt Brands include:

American Apparel, Tultex, Next Level, Hanes, Anvil, Canvas. Bella, Alstyle
These are the throw back style shirts to the Calvin Klein Disco days, although that isn't retro anymore as the styles have become ubiquitous over the years and small modifications have made them fit the modern market for t-shirts. Typically these are lighter and thinner than the standard cut t-shirts and generally cut slimmer in the body and sometimes longer in the length. The necks can be smaller and the ribbing on the neck of the t-shirts is also thinner than regular t-shirts. Most importantly the prices are usually higher and the stocks fluctuate for larger orders and special colors. Brands are American Apparel, Tultex, Canvas, Next Level, Anvil, Gildan and Hanes.

American Apparel 2001

Anvil 980 Fashion Cut Medium weight T-shirts

Hanes 4980 Medium weight Fashion Cut Fitted T-shirts Wholesale

Canvas 3001 Greenwich T-shirts

Next Level Fashion Cut Fitted T-shirts 3600

Alstyle 5301 Fitted Lightweight Fashion Cut t-shirts

Tultex 0202 Light Fashion Fitted T-shirts Wholesale Light and Inexpensive